LiDAR, also known as Light Detection and Ranging has become an established method for collecting very dense and accurate elevation values. This active remote sensing technique is similar to radar but uses light pulses instead of radio waves. LiDAR data is typically collected from planes and produces a rapid collection of points i.e. more than 70,000 per sec, over a large collection area. Collection of elevation data using LiDAR has several advantages from recent advancement in GPS and IMU technology.

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GeoSpatial uses high-tech software like Terra Modeler and Terra Scan for post processing of acquired laser data for generating DEM, Contour Mapping, Automatic feature extraction and 3D surface modeling. GeoSpatial has highly experienced personnel in the field of LiDAR data filtering and classification.

GeoSpatial, being involved in all aspects of LiDAR, is committed to provide following services:-

  • Generating Digital Terrain models (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Contour Mapping
  • Data filtering
  • Generation of 3D surface models
  • TIN Model
  • Automatic feature extraction

Potential Areas of Application:

  • High accuracy DSM and DTM for Infrastructure Development
  • Irrigation, Urban & Road network Planning and construction
  • Volume measuring for Dam construction
  • Corridor Survey
  • Power transmission, Pipe, Road lines planning
  • 3D City Modeling
  • Natural Resource Management
  • 3D Disaster simulation (flooding, land slide, earthquake prone area)
  • Forest Planning and Management
  • Sampling Method for Forest Biomass Estimation
  • Environment Impact Assessment