Research And Development

Research And Development Department of GeoSpatial Systems Pvt. Ltd. is associated with future-oriented, long-term activities in the field of GIS with a broad vision of creating, testing and evaluating GIS tools and services.

The R&D department of this company comprises of a team of experts, full time and part time academicians and interns of Universities. The team has been doing research and development work for the Engineering, GIS and CAD based solutions related to Water Supply Management, Urban Management, Environment Management, Transportation Management, Mapping Control & Monitoring System.

Currently, the department is focused on the development of the following projects:

  • Computer Aided Water Supply Piping System(CAPS)
  • Hydraulic Simulation of Water Supply Distribution Network(NEPNET)
  • Water Supply Management Information System (WSMIS)
  • WebGIS Applications
  • GIS Application Development.